1. 1. A student seeking admission to any class in Academy will be eligible for admission if she :-
    • (i) Qualifies the Entrance Examination conducted by the school.
    • (ii) Has been studying in a school recognized by or affiliated to the C.B.S.E. or any other recognized board of education.
    • (iii) Has passed the qualifying or equivalent qualifying examination (previous class )making her eligible for admission.
    • (iv) Produces:-
      • • The school Leaving Certificate/Transfer certificate signed by the head of the institution last attended & countersigned by the Competent Authority of the Education Department.
      • • Document(S) in supports of his having passed the qualifying or equivalent examination, i.e. the progress report card of the previous class and
      • • Character Certificate issued by the head of the institution of the previous school
      • • Birth Certificate issued by the municipal Corporation in case of admission of a student to pre-primary classes, i.e., Nursery, L.K.G. & U.K.G.
  2. 2. No student who is under the sentence of rustication or is expelled from any school or is debarred from appearing in the examination shall be admitted to any class.
  3. 3. No student shall be admitted or promoted to any subsequent class unless she has completed the regular course of study of the class to which she was admitted at the beginning of the academic session qualifying her for promotion to the next higher class.
  4. 4. In no case shall a students be admitted into a class higher than that for which she is entitled according to the transfer certificate issued by the previous school.
  5. The principal is empowered to exercise her sole discretion to admit or refuse admission of any students in any class in the academy.

    The parents/ guardian who wish to withdraw their ward from, the school are required to submit a written application to that effect. Transfer certificate will be issued only in case the entire school dues have been cleared. Incase the student is withdrawn in the middle of the session i.e., before completing six months in regular course of study , a minimum of six months fee will be required to be paid.
    The principal is empowered to ask for the withdrawal of any student either in the interest of the academy in the student own interest at any stage during or after the academic session.

Important Information

• Parents teacher meeting is held at the last of every month between 9 am To 11:30 am.
• The students are required to be in proper discipline and they should be regular in attending the school.
• The students are required to complete the Home work assigned to them in all the subjects daily..
• The students are required to speak in English in the school premises.

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